Adam Ross needs to be in touch with the fashion world. It is a key part of what we do here. So we are always on the lookout for the trends that are coming in the future. And with the winter 2015 season almost upon us, we felt we should share some of our research.

We’ll be looking at men’s fashion today. It can always be tricky guessing what will be trending in any particular season until the season actually starts, but solid research points to the following fashion statements playing a big roll as the temperature starts to plummet.


Most fashion seasons are dominated by a few colours, either contrasting or complimentary. Winter 2015 looks set to buck that trend, and be almost all about grey. The catwalks of the world were awash with grey, with only different shades providing variety.

That said, don’t despair – as a fairly neutral colour, grey represents a safe bet, regardless of fashion catches on over the coming months. Plus, if the garments you buy aren’t too outlandish, you can keep for a few years to come yet, without looking ridiculous, as you would be if neon green was in this year.

Square patterns

Backing up grey as a colour scheme are square patterns. These were everywhere on the runway, turning up mainly in coats, but also in trousers, shoes, and jackets. The different shades of grey show up here, differentiating the irregular patchwork style pattern that was more popular, though more symmetrical patterns also cropped up.

Wool coat

Material wise, wool was prominent, as you would hope so for a winter collection. Big wool coats where the garment of choice for battling the elements. These were of the knee length variety, sloping at the shoulders to give them an “oversized” look.


ShearlingShearling is the practice of leaving wool on the inside of a jacket or coat. The big fur collars of the 70s are the best example, or at least they will be until this year with the style coming back in a big way. They are far from Del Boy-esque though – the shearling is simply being added to all the fashion staples you come to expect, like leather jackets, and the aforementioned wool coats.

Baggy trousers

Believe it or not, baggy trousers are set to be a big player in the winter of 2015. Whilst skinny jeans have dominated for a few years, it seems people are longing for more leg room. Again, these are too extreme – you won’t be expected to look like MC Hammer – but the on-point man will be wearing trousers that can only be described a “loose fitting”. They do look comfy.

Knit wear

The trend in recent years of previously shunned knitted jumpers coming back into popularity has finally hit the fashion world. Layered knitwear (knitted coats on top of knitted jumpers) was a big look, the more patterned the better. Though we stress avoiding triple layering, as their must be a line somewhere before everything gets a little absurd.