Half term is upon us, and will no doubt with be filled with rainy Autumnal days. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite soft toy projects for boys and girls, that you can help your little one make, ready to snuggle up with on those grim days! Prise your kids away from the iPad this holiday, and make something special with our Sewing with Kids ideas.

Elephant Family

From Birch Fabrics

From Birch Fabrics


A fun family of Elephants, in a range of different sizes. Try making the whole family from matching colours, or size up the pattern for one big Elephant toy!

We think these would look great made from our Egyptian Blue Polka Dot Fabric

Bean Bag Frogs


From Hobbycraft Blog


Great for cuddles and for play, these bean bag frogs are fairly easy to whip up, and perfect for creating new games with.

We think these would look great made from our Turquoise Snakeskin Fabric

Stuffed Snakes

Stuffed Snake

From Makeit-Loveit


A great alternative to pricey plush snakes available at almost every kids attraction, plus you can design a slithery partner from scratch. These plush snakes can be made from felt, fabric or fleece for a range of textures.

We think these would look great made from our Camouflage Fleece

Fabric Doll Pals

Fabric Doll Pals

From Doing Splendid


A simple and adorable dolls pattern that can be adjusted to suit boys or girls. This pattern also includes a skirt and dress pattern for your doll.

We think a doll’s skirt would look great made from our Little Leafy Butterfly Print or some shorts from our By The Sea Cotton Poplin Fabric

Cord Bunnies

Free Bunny Pattern

From Red Ted’s Art Blog


A sweet and simple Bunny sewing pattern, adapted from a doll’s pattern similar to the one above. We think they’ed look super cute dressed up in some cute clothes like the skirt above too!

We think these would look great made from our Black and White Polka Dot Cord with some fun clothes made with our Little Hearts and Butterflies Polycotton

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Do you craft with your children during the holidays? What are your favourite projects?