Soft Gold Metallic Fabric

Soft Gold Metallic Fabric Full 35M Roll

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Soft Gold Metallic Fabric Full 35M Roll. This gorgeous gold fabric has a depth of shade variances, in subtle lighting the iced gold colour is a pale creamy gold with a soft shimmer but when bright light hits it, the shimmer lifts to a bright sparkle and the colour is accentuated. The pale metallic gold fabric is constructed by using two threads in the weaving process, the base of the warp uses ivory polyester thread that has a subtle sheen to it and along the web the metallic gold thread runs in fine lines in and out the ivory thread so the brightness of the gold is slightly hidden, therefore giving the gold fabric a paler softer appearance. This medium weight fabric has a crisp, taut quality with no stretch apart from minimal on the bias, this taut attribute helps when cutting the fabric into patterns.

Perfect for dress V2931 by Vogue Patterns

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Metallic, Iced Gold


58 Inches

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Medium Weight


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