Portuguese Pattern Fabric

Portuguese Pattern Fabric

£5.99 per metre



This medium weight fabric has a lovely fluid quality which allows the fabric to hang nicely, so its ideal for draping in interior design projects or to create soft gatherings for garments. The fabric has a very taut structure, making it easier to cut and shape for pattern arrangements and hemming, and has a particularly soft and smooth finish to the touch.

The smooth fabric is covered with a repeating circle pattern very reminiscent of the traditional artistic designs of ceramic tilling found in the streets of Portugal from fishing villages to cobbled maze like towns. The simple colour palate of the pattern is white and Egyptian blue, a rich tone mid way between navy and royal blue, two circles in the uniform pattern measure 2.5 cm and the smaller one 1 cm across, at the edge of the fabric there is also a patterned border measuring 4.3 cm.

Perfect for a Juliette blouse by I Am Patterns

Code : POL136
Colour : Egyptian Blue
Width : 58 Inches

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