Hummingbird and Butterfly Print

Hummingbird and Butterfly Print

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Hummingbird and Butterfly Print. One of our in-house favourites and also loved by you, this hummingbird and butterfly print fabric is part of the Adam Ross® gold label range. A popular choice, this print is absolutely gorgeous and the fabric itself feels soft as it glides through your fingers. It is easy to handle sits and drapes well, giving you the option to create structured garments or garments with more movement. The background of the fabric is a wash of greys and the fabric structure itself is strong, with no give in any direction and it is easy to care for. It has then been printed with black cut-out like tree branches. In various areas you then find flying and resting colourful butterflies and hummingbirds that look like they have been carefully painted onto the fabric. This divine print really combines monochrome and colour together well giving the fabric its character and story. You can also colour match with ease as these are so many different tones and shades that you can pull out from the fabrics print- from greys to brights, it truly gives you many options. Another attribute of this fabric is that it can be used for fashion purposes or even within soft furnishings, giving your project a burst of print and vibrancy without being too over powering. This is a multi-functional fabric that is just waiting to spread its wings and be used in many different ways.

Perfect for blouse 8337 by Simplicity

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