stretch velvet 10 shades

Bright Coloured Stretch Velvet

£7.99 per metre


Bright Coloured Stretch Velvet Ten Shades. These vibrant coloured velvets are so stunning you are going to want more than one of the bold shades, and with ten to choose from you could go for vivid contrasting colours like our bright dandylioness yellow and balter blue, or blend two complementing shades like orchid and hot petal pink.

The fabric has quite a good stretch in all directions, which could prove useful for clothing that needs a bit of give like tight fitting dresses or leggings. The fabric also uses reflective thread in its soft plush finish, so at certain angles the fabric develops the added depth of creating shimmering highlights where bright sunlight or strong indoor lights hit the fabric. Whichever colours you choose, have fun with your creations!

Perfect for an Upton dress by Cashmerette

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Bagheera Black, Balter Blue, Blackberry Pie, Calypso, Dandylioness, Hot Petal Pink, Lapis, Orchid, Parrot, Solar Flare


58 Inches

Fabric Weight

Medium Weight


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