Georgette Fabric

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Characteristics of Georgette Fabric

Georgette is a light-weight fabric that can have a crinkled texture or can be perfectly sheer. It is woven into two main varieties, the pure form and the faux. Pure Georgette is always woven from Silk, and the faux variety is made from either Rayon or Polyester.

Originally this fabric was used mainly for trimming and layering, but it is now available in a variety of forms that include: Jacquard Georgette, Nylon Georgette, Viscose Georgette, Silk Georgette, Polyester Georgette, and the luxurious Satin Georgette.

It makes a perfect clingy and flowing fabric, with its crepe-like texture and unusual ability to hold its shape. Georgette is widely used for layered ball gowns and prom dresses because of its ability to drape beautifully to give a soft, silky but comfortable style.

Georgette fabric was traditionally worn by the royalty because of its cost and its beautiful elegance to denote class and wealth, and because of this, many vintage Georgette gowns have been passed down through the ages for us to copy in today’s fashion styles and designs.

What you can make with Georgette Fabric

Georgette has similar uses to a chiffon, but is a slightly more opaque material. It is most suited to making blouses, dresses, saris, evening gowns and skirts. Fashion designers often use Georgette to add flourishes and adornments to their designs, using it for shoestring straps, Waist belts, Bows, Scarves, and of course Bridal Veils.

It will also make beautiful underwear and lingerie, petticoats and slips, especially for Bridal wear and Bridesmaids dresses and for luxurious, sensuous and romantic garments, as well as for stage, screen and party wear.

Caring for Georgette Garments

Caring for Georgette fabric is very similar to a chiffon and hand washing is the preferred method in a low temperature although if your machine has a delicate 30-degree cycle with little or no spinning, this is also perfectly suitable.

Use only very light detergents and don’t use a fabric softener which has chemicals that may not be suitable. Air drying is preferable but do be careful not to do this in full sunlight during summer as this may bleach out some of the colour.

History of Georgette fabric

Madame Georgette de la Plante first introduced the mass produced fabric that now bears her name as Georgette although it was has been known to be used from around 1915. Madame Georgette was a French dressmaker and fashion designer who was famous for her innovative style of adding a ‘net finish’ to her gowns and dresses.

Originally made from silk, it began to include a rayon blend, but now it is usually made with all synthetic fibres. Because of its very delicate texture, Georgette fabric is light weight and often used as a layer in bridal gowns without adding to the weight of the overall dress or making it look too bulky. Back in the 1930, it was the fabric of choice for all evening gowns and we have a suspicion that the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe with the air-blowing skirt, was actually made of Georgette…