We all have the dilemma – a wonderful sunny holiday booked, 2 weeks of bliss. No work, no rain and no ….SEWING!? As much as we all love a good holiday, it is easy to find ourselves 4 books deep, with our hands itching to get back into some sewing or crafting. Which is why over at Adam Ross Fabrics I have come up with these great Summer Sewing Ideas to keep yourselves occupied!

We’ve decided to do a round up of some of the best summer sewing ideas to take away with you, mainly felt and embroidery based (felt is great for travel as it doesn’t fray, doesn’t crease, and doesn’t stain easily), perfect for stitching on the go.

Embroidery Patches – A Simple Summer Sewing Idea!

Cute Summer Sewing Idea from Etsy

Embroidery Patches From Etsy Journal


With the latest patch craze on the high street, this can be a great way to channel this look, whilst creating personalised and meaningful patches. We found you a great tutorial, needing just felt and embroidery floss from our pals over at Etsy. Here is where you can find the great tutorial on embroidery patches. As summer sewing ideas go we can see this being a great one!


Embroidered Denim

Cute Summer Sewing Idea with Little Cactai

Cactus Embroidery On Denim From A Pair & A Spare


Another great trend that you can create at home. Take some embroidery thread with you and use it to add an extra personal touch to your holiday clothes. Probably the easiest DIY on our list, from the girls over at A Pair & A Spare. Here’s a link I recommend for how to create your own denim embroidery.


Cactus Felt Brooch

Cactus Brooch DIY from Hobbycraft

Cactus Brooch DIY from Hobbycraft


A simple but adorable cactus brooch, a perfect holiday accessory once completed. This DIY over on the Hobbycraft blog includes a handy template and only requires felt and embroidery thread. Cactus Felt Brooch from Hobbycraft.


Sugar Skull Sachets

Sugar Skulls DIY from Adventures In Making

Sugar Skulls DIY from Adventures In Making


While we wouldn’t recommend taking the lovely scented stuffing away with you (especially if you’re going abroad), sewing up a batch of these for presents to stuff when you get home is a great idea. Use the design sheet Adventures With Making provides to create designs inspired by your holiday before stitching them up! Sugar Skull Sachets from Adventures in Making here!


Ice Cream Summer Necklaces

Ice Cream Necklace From Artzy Creations

Ice Cream Necklace From Artzy Creations


These again are a perfect gift for loved ones after your return from your trip, especially kids! We recommend adding small seed beads as sprinkles. These are super easy to make, and Artzy Creations provides a simple template for you to download and print. Ice Cream Necklaces from Artzy Creations.

For more inspiration check out our Pinterest board ‘Summer Makes On The Go!‘.


Are you going on holiday anywhere exciting this summer? Let us know where and how you take your sewing with you!