Which Fabric Scissors For Me?

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Illustration by Little Low

Are your fabric scissors leaving you in a fray? Or are you just starting out and want to know the best kit to invest in? Whether your kids have been using them to cut paper, or you just want to treat yourself – it’s time to buy a new pair of fabric scissors.

But first; the lowdown, what exactly is the difference between shears and scissors? Scissors have a blade that is 6″ long or less, and often have equally shaped and sized handles. Scissors are generally much cheaper, and are a great cutting tool to start out with.

Shears generally have a blade 7″ or longer, and have one small handle for your thumb, and one larger handle for your fingers – this helps make cutting more comfortable. It is usually worth investing in shears when you are sewing frequently, and need a more reliable tool, or when you want to upgrade from scissors.

In this post we’ve compared and picked out our favourites, from the top three scissor brands, with economy and premium picks for you.


Premium: 7000 series.

These scissors are made of “heavy-duty, high-carbon stainless steel, which allows these shears to be sharpened at a steeper angle, and allows them to maintain their cut-life and durability over time”. These scissors are precise, smooth cutting and are perfect for making notches, as the tips of the blades are very sharp. These scissors come in a variety of sizes, and vary in price from £20-£40, depending on the blade length. Some models are available with a left grip. We especially like the model 7250SL, available for about £55.

Economy: 5000 series.

These scissors are made of “a hardened stainless steel” giving them an amazingly smooth cut. These scissors come in a variety of sizes and styles, and again vary in price from £10 to £30, depending on length and size. We like the model 5240, available for about £15.



Pick pretty much any of the more premium priced Fiskars models for a soft grip, sharp blade and an easy cut. These scissors range in price from £20 upwards. Our top pick would be the Classic Professional Scissors (25cm) available for about £25.

Economy: AVOID

Unfortunately, Fiskars economy offering is fairly lack-lustre, despite the enticing price tag, they often blunt more quickly and cannot be used to cut thick fabrics. If you truly want to buy a cheaper model, make sure you pick up a Fiskars scissor sharpener for about £13.


Premium: G7 Dressmakers Shears

While Gingher offers a more limited line, with less variation in price points, the quality of the scissors seriously outweigh other brands for the same price. All of their models perform well, with easy handle, sharp cut and are available in a traditional, heavy style, as well as a lightweight, modern, soft grip option. These scissors range in price from £20 to £40, so do not really cater to an economy market, but are well worth the investment. We particularly like the G7 knife edge dressmakers shears, available for about £35.

What scissors do you use? Do you have a brand you swear by? Let us know!