10 Simple Ways To Spark Your Creativity

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Illustration. by Gillian Tracey

Sparking your Creativity Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

It’s normal to need some inspiration to spark our creativity. Here’s 10 easy to follow ways to spark your creativity for your next project, be it in fabric or wherever your expertise sits!

Creativity Quote By Gillian Tracey Designs
Creativity Quote Print By Gillian Tracey Designs


  • Allow yourself to play with ideas

Take time to experiment and play with new ideas and projects. Try not to worry whether things will go wrong, and go with the flow. Take a day off if you need it – great ideas can come from nowhere.

  •  Make time to explore

Museums, galleries and natural spaces can be great sources of inspiration. Especially within nature, there are always new things to see. Anything that activates your senses can cultivate an idea. We love looking on Art Fund to find out whats going on near us in the UK!

  • Connect with other creatives

Inspiration can come from conversation, a day trip, a story, a picture or even a face. Keeping in contact with other creatives, and being generally a social creature is a great catalyst for creativity. A great example is the Sewing Weekender (unfortunately sold out this year!).

  • Create for the ones you love

Lots of things we create are originally inspired by our friends and family, creating quirky gifts based on their interests. These often then get developed into products we sell or produce en masse.

  • Scroll through Instagram, Pinterest or your favourite blogs

Other artists and makers provide inspiration on a daily basis. Check out these hashtags; #doitfortheprocess #createinspireshare #simplethingsmadebeautiful #memade , along with the Adam Ross Pinterest for quick inspo.

  • Get loose in a sketchbook

Keep some form of diary, whether as a notebook or sketchbook, where you collect things that catch your eye. This could be anything from sketches to bottle caps to beer mats. Sketchbooks are also great to refer back to and develop old ideas.

  • Set achievable goals

It could be as simple as making everything you’ve saved on a Pinterest board (although if you’re anything like us here, you’ll have thousands of saved projects!). This means you’ll learn lots of new techniques and utilise your free time well.

  • Seek inspiration from those you aspire to be

Look to your favourite artists, bloggers or even celebrities for colour, texture, and vibe. One of the best things to do can be to go to an exhibition and really soak in every aspect of your heroes work.

  • Carpe Diem – seize the day and every opportunity in it

Day to day and major life events are a big source for new ideas. Taking a step back and looking at the experiences you have can inspire new projects, or make you realise what your projects are missing.

  • Make things up

Revert back to childhood and allow your imagination to run wild. Lots of ideas can come from sketching or doodling random shapes, and this can be a great way to hack patterns for a really personalised garment.

Happy Sewing!


Do you have any special tips that keep up your creative mojo? Let us know in the comments!

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