Creep it real with our Boo-tiful fabrics

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Skeleton rock band

Children or adults alike, we don’t need much of an excuse to dress up. Fancy dress parties and events go on all year round but Halloween is the biggest fancy dress event of them all and everyone gets an invite!

A Twist On the Traditional.

Anything goes at Halloween! We know its roots lay in the Mexican celebration the day of the dead but if you take a wander around any city centre around this time of year you will see costumes ranging from children’s cute pumpkins and skeletons, to traditional adult Gothic styles, creepy zombies and the grown up saucy versions of witches and vampires.

Its not difficult to find a costume as any supermarket will have costumes and accessories for all ages, but if you want to steer clear from the cliche cat costumes, ghosts and witches hats, why not have a go at making your own?

Here at Adam Ross Fabrics we have a great range of fabrics that you can choose from this Halloween. If you want to go for a traditional black cat outfit, our crushed black velvet is perfect however if you want a change on the traditional cat, we have plenty of leopard prints to really add a twist.

wet look black sheer-2

wild colour leopard print hot pink lime green tropical blue orange

Stretch Crushed Black Velvet

If you want to get in the ”spirit” but don’t want to fully dress up you could chose a fabric that would compliment the Halloween scene. This black and bronze snakeskin effect lurex would be easy to make a slinky tight fitting long dress out of. If you want to go for a Gothic style, deep red or black satin will give you that elegant Mortisha Adams look.


bronze snakeskin lurex-2

pale snake skin

Un Cloak Your Idea.

Making your own is a lot simpler than you may think, one of the most classic and versatile garments used for Halloween for children and adults is a cloak. Many costumes incorporate a cloak, for example Gothic styles, Superheros, Vampires and Sci-Fi. A cloak adds the drama an character and the range of satin and velvet’s we have here at Adam Ross are ideal for cloaks. Using black and red satin would be perfect to create a vampire cloak, especially one that sweeps the ground.  If you want co create your own super hero costume, a flamboyant cloak is the perfect finishing touch for this. So how many costumes can you think of that are cloak-less?

metallic lame purple rain

tiger print georgette sour cherry-1

dewberry satin

If you don’t already have an idea you only have to look at the fabric available to get inspiration, and here at Adam Ross Fabrics we have an abundance of fabric to trigger your creativity, or match an idea you already have. Here in the office, we have had some great ideas. Kat (employee) is going for a modern cyber twist on little red riding hood. This is mostly because of her obsession with metallic and sparkly fabric and we just happen to have the most fabulous dark red, sparkly, holographic metallic fabric that she will definitely be making a hooded cloak out of.

holographic red stretch lycra

The process is relative easy depending on your choice so you could whip up a shiny cloak quick as the Flash (punintended). You can find several simple patterns online from the detailed and specific to generalised hooded capes. This easy to follow  hooded cloak pattern on Pinterest can be used for a variety of costumes such as; vampires, witches, ghosts, superheros or even characters from Star Wars and Hogwarts.

Semi-circular cloak pattern. Could be made in light wool and lined with linen.:

Fabric inspirations.

zebra fleece fabric-2jpg

Zombie Zebra?

flying birds chiffon garden green-1

Flock of Bats?

cute cats georgette fabric

Cute Witches Cats?

waffle weave fabric pumpkin patch

Puffy Pumpkins?

skull and crossbones satin-8

Pirite Party?

Skeleton rock band

Band of Bones?


Super Hero?

leather look fabric oxblood

Hobbit Cloak?

Get Personal.

Then there is the just plane wacky costumes which are more personalised and can be the most entertaining, creative and fun to make. You don’t even have to stick to the traditional themes any more, customised costume ideas can be linked to any idea whatsoever and can be made to look as elaborate or as subtle as you want.
You could go for a well known theme, an imaginative twist on an idea, or a more personal theme like a joke amongst friends. One of the most successful outfits we have had here is a “not a happy bunny” costume, a personal joke that most of the general public understood. The point is just have fun with the idea, and don’t take it too seriously.

We have found that over the years more and more people take the time to customise something different for Halloween. So, however personalised or abstract the theme may be and whether its a simple matter of standing out in a stunning or humorous manner we are sure you handy craft efforts will be worth it and will not go unnoticed.