Customising Your Comfort Zone

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New Room, New Start

Okay, so you have your books, you’ve studied the timetable, found all your lecture theatres, the library and the pub (very important) but you find yourself sitting in your room staring at a somewhat blank canvas. With so many people bombarding you with nuggets of  advice such as “it’s a new life”,  “a new adventure” or the classic “it’s the next chapter in life” it can be a nervous experience moving to a new city and environment. We want to help you overcome this and what better way than customising your new space in some of our beautiful fabrics.




In your room back home there is a certain comfort that cannot be matched elsewhere. Taking items with you that hold meaning is a trick to taking parts of your home life with you. However weird and wonderful they might be, these items hold memories and stories you can share with the new people that gradually become part of your daily life.

Why Not?

Living at home means your are slightly restricted so, if your mum said no to turquoise and pink velvet leopard print curtains once, there is no reason why you can’t make them now! Whilst your old room and its decor may have been familiar and comforting, we all itch for a change at some point and here is your chance. Creative people constantly have creative ideas churning through their heads and inspiration can pop up from anywhere. Now your are faced with four blank walls (plus the floor and ceiling) it is time to get those ideas and make them happen.



In a lot of dorms and house shares there may be rules to painting giant rainbows over the walls but there is nothing stopping you from customising your own items. Using your personal creativity you can put your mark on your space, making it as loud and as vibrant or as peaceful and serene as you want. You have a variety of options as to what to make, from cushion covers for your bed to new curtains, whatever look you want to stamp in your new space, there is certainly a fabric out there to create it.

Where to look?

Fabric retailers can vary from the high-end, cute boutique style stores to market traders selling at competitive prices. There is another choice though, try online. Here at Adam Ross Fabrics, we have an abundance of prints and plains so there is most likely something here for you.




There is no doubt you are going to be really busy settling into uni life. While it may be fun to go out fabric shopping, it may not be a convenient option. There is nothing worse than wandering the shops in the hope you will find the right shade of colour for your bedding or the right printed fabrics to make lounging cushions out of. Shopping online would be a great idea, and even better, trying our online range. You can purchase as many samples as you like before committing to the fabric. With free delivery and student discount, it’s a no brainer really!

Fabric Needs

Based in the West Midlands, here at Adam Ross Fabrics we take great pride in our fabric range. From interesting and colourful prints to essentials like our 100% cottons or high quality polycottons, we sell fabrics to all kinds of people including students, universities and colleges. Our fabrics are used for various textile printing and embroidery, toiles and other mock-ups as well as final fabrics for fashion collections. Our fabrics are great for many purposes and we are continually uploading new fabrics to our website, keeping stock of the essentials you need for your uni work.




We like to have a more personal approach at Adam Ross®, so if you don’t find what you are looking for on our website we encourage you to give us a call and tell us what you need and we will endeavour to find it for you! Our quick delivery is FREE whether you want 1 meter or 20, and if you find no use for the fabric we have a 365 day returns policy. We welcome visits too, so if online shopping is not your cup of tea, come and join us for a cup of tea at our office – just call or email to book an appointment.