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Don’t we all just want to look great for the summer open-air parties and dinner dates on sunny terraces? Right in time for the hottest week this summer, the big event of summer sales is here! Just passing by the high-street store windows gives you that irresistible urge of joining the bubbly and a little stressful crowd in the hunt for the best bargain.

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In this overwhelming excitement of discounted joy, you can easily lose track of what you need or what actually is worth buying it. If you stay on track you can find some real jewels, but first, you have to go through odds and ends of this summer’s sales. Here is your guide to separate the diamonds from ashes.

1. Get only what you really need

Much easier said than done (we know), but do try to resist the spell of discount. It is not money saving if your buy hangs in your closet eternally. Summer sales are a battlefield and you can at least try to prepare yourself for it by coming up with a list of what you really need.

Shopping spree

Even if you find something that could fit you if you loose a pound or two, be realistic. If the last time you visited the gym was to cancel your subscription and your diet does not scream healthy, why would that suddenly happen?

2. Focus on high-end stores

Discounts of 50 and 70 percent can save you a lot of money, but you should always consider this in relation to quality. Mainstream shops will offer you bargain prices, but low quality. Sure it is fun to come home with a whole bunch of bags but it’s not so fun when your new t-shirt becomes see-through a month later.

Focusing on high-end stores during the sales will benefit you with high-quality clothes for reasonable prices when in other times they might be completely out of your budget.

3. Look at the material & quality

When buying discounted items you have to keep in mind that they haven’t been put out yesterday. The dress you are clenching to have been laying around the store for months so it is very likely it had some damage done to it.

shop smart

Make sure to examine your gain for pulls, holes, stretches, stains, loose threads and other imperfections. Most sales items are non-refundable, so make sure you check to avoid the disappointment.

4. Shop smart

Autumn is just around the corner so when going into the summer sales, pick things that are suitable for fall. This summer’s trends of denim with patches and mom jeans will look great in autumn. You can also pair a slip dress with a t-shirt or a turtleneck on a chillier day.

5. Got any big parties upcoming?

Summer sales are rich in dresses. And there are quite many parties on our calendar. Weddings, engagement parties and other big celebrations are great but they can be difficult when you have to find a new outfit for each and every one.

Summer sales are the time to think ahead and find a nice summery dress for that wedding reception in mid-August and a professional pantsuit for the big office party in late October. You will save yourself not only money but also some stressful late evening shopping in the week before the event.

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Now when you are equipped with the armour of summer sales guide we have the trust in you not to get trapped by the sneaky discount webs laid before you. Keep on track, check the quality and know what you need to get the most out of this Christmas for women in the middle of summer.