9 Best fashion trends for summer 2016

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Despite the depressing amount of rain during the last weeks, summer is here and it can only get better from now. Whether you are in the middle of the festival season or getting ready to go on a holiday to some hot destination, this summer’s fashion trends will have something for you.

Last summer seventies inspired with flares, and suede fabrics but this year a decade everyone has in close memory – nineties – is having its comeback. From chokers to slip dresses nineties with their diffuse fashion is back.90s fashion

Here are the best fashion trends of summer 2016 that we have seen on runways this year.

1. The Slip Dress


Perfect for warm and breezy days is the nineties comeback of Saint Laurent’s slip dresses. Silky, creamy and minimalistic ankle-length dresses or lace, transparent ones are the hit of this summer. If wearing underwear on display seems like a fit for you, summer 2016 will be just your thing.

2. Mini Backpacks


Good news for all the festivalgoers. This season high street has a lot to offer to ensure you have your hands free while enjoying your favourite artists. Mini backpacks are both adorable and practical. And they create a great look paired with an airy summer dress or anything else for that matter.

3. Chunky sandals


The frontrunner in footwear this summer are chunky sandals. Runways saw an excellent example of Chanel’s light-up sandals. Bright colours, unique patterns and thick soils will give your summer outfit just that edge to your look.

4. Logo t-shirts


Just like many trends from the nineties this summer, t-shirts with logos on them have paraded runways. Logo prints have come back as an ironic commentary on the similar trend in the 90s. Go up to your attic and look through your storage boxes. Maybe you find the latest fashion t-shirt with a Fila logo on it.

5. Denim mini skirt


“The Hills” made them popular some ten years ago, but now they are back. Denim mini skirts are here and this summer you can go straight ahead and pair them with a logo t-shirt from or last summer’s hit crop top. Even if the summer does not treat us with hot weather, there are always the tall boots that will go just great with your denim mini.

6. Off the shoulder tops


Are you also a little late with your summer body? No worries. This summer shoulders have been announced as the most erogenous zone. In combination with halter-strap this style will fit even for formal occasions.

7. Denim with patches


Either it’s jeans, denim jackets or shorts, this summer you are free to go back to your childhood and add some colourful and fun patches to your wardrobe. What is even better, it’s easy to make these yourself. Have an arts & crafts evening with friends. Pick something of denim and iron on some pineapple and “boom!!!” patches.

8. Chokers


What else could come back from the nineties you’re wondering? Slip dress companion – choker – can be seen around many fashion lovers’ necks. Velvet, leather or metal, summer 2016 has brought them all back.

9. Mom jeans


So easily confused with the recent boyfriend jean trend mom jeans are back together with the nineties train. Easy fit, high waist and slim or rolled up at the ankle, mom jeans are great for relaxed summer days in the city.